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The site at el-Muzzawwaka is a cemetery of more than 200 rock-cut tombs in a hill of shale, gypsum and limestone bedrock.

It may be associated with the nearby site of Amheida. Because of the geological conditions all but two of the tombs have collapsed. These are the tombs of Pady-osiris and of Pedubastis, each with important zodiac ceilings, and Classical and Pharaonic style painted wall decoration.

Interior of the tomb of Padi-osiris, showing a funerary scene

The Dakhleh Oasis Project’s proposed programme of conservation will involve isolating these two tombs from the unstable bedrock, repairing and reinforcing the plasterwork of the interiors, and creating a Visitor Information Centre which will include full scale replicas of the two decorated tombs.

The hillside in which the el-Muzzawwakka
tombs were installed

Preliminary mapping and recording has been done and the funds are now being sought to support the conservation programme.

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