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Deir el Hagar

This is a sandstone temple at the western end of the oasis, constructed during the second half of the First Century C.E., through the reigns of the Emperor-Pharaohs Nero, Vespasian, Titus and Domitian.

Relief on the west wall of the Porch of Titus

The temple, dedicated to the Theban triad Amun, Khonsu and Mut, became overwhelmed by a massive sand dune and was subsequently damaged by an earthquake.

Deir el-Hagar temple before excavation and conservation



The Dakhleh Oasis Project restored this monument during the 1990s, emptying the sand from the interior, removing broken roofing and architrave blocks, rebuilding the collapsed north wall, and making safe the doorways.

A protective capping of mud bricks was built onto the brick temenos wall and on the brick pillars of the Processional Way.

Removal by hand of fallen architrave and ceiling blocks

More recently, excavation of the north court has exposed painted decoration in classical Roman style on the surrounding wall. The refurbishment was completed by the erection of a centre to provide background information for local and foreign visitors.

Deir el-Hagar temple, work completed

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