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El Qasr el-Dakhil

El-Qasr is one of the most fascinating villages in Egypt. It is a late mediaeval town with many buildings completely preserved, others in various stages of disrepair and some still inhabited.

Interior of the House of the Judge at el-Qasr, conservation completed  

There are about 60 carved wooden lintels over the doorways that give the date of the house, the names of the builder and the carpenter and of the owner, and an appropriate verse from the Koran.

The houses date principally from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Centuries although there is evidence for a much earlier settlement on the site. The Dakhleh Oasis Project has been engaged in the restoration of the Seventeenth –Century Bayt el-Qadi,

The House of the Judge, a four-storey building with several rooms at each level, and in the reconstruction of the neighbouring house, Bayt el-Quresh. This has involved clearing, excavation, and reconstruction, often with the original materials and utilizing surviving local skills.

Many domestic objects and documents have been recovered in the course of this work which give valuable insights into life in the town in Ottoman times. The documents include legal judgements, private letters and commercial matters.

Street outside of the House of the Judge
at el-Qasr


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